Voice Mail Systems

Various studies show that most business calls are not "completed" on the first call. Voice Messaging is yet another way to improve your company's productivity and customer service. In today's competitive business environment, voice messaging may be the edge that your business needs. With many options and enhancements now available, our consultants are trained to design a system that will improve the way that your business communicates.

Voice Messaging technology has almost replaced the fax machine as a "must have" in today’s office communication environment. Features, reliability, and much improved implementation programming and procedures have made this, dollar for dollar, one of the most productive office tools your organization can own.

Boyer’s Telcom offers the fully integrated PanaVOICE voice mail/auto-attendant system for the Panasonic DBS (Digital Business System) telephone system as well as the Panasonic KXT Voice Mail system as an accompaniment to the Panasonic KXT Digital Super Hybrid Telephone System.

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